You Should Be Here

  1. Jacque says:

    Jennifer, you know I rarely make public comments…..but this reminded me of the thousands of times since Jason died that I have uttered those same words “you should be here”. So many times, that I don’t know I can do this justice. Like the day you graduated from Auburn, the day you and Seth got married or the day you purchased your first house. Or the weddings of your your brothers, the birth of each of his nieces, and have his sister aka his best friend and confidant to always be there when he needed to “run something by her”. He and John David were gonna like in Auburn and make sure you fulfilled you dream of going to Auburn…..because they were worried that I couldn’t afford to send you. This Saturday, he should be at Bailey Grace’s Beauty Pagent cause he would be cheering the loudest. So many times when we are gathered together, I am secretly wishing Jason was there seeing what I have been so blessed to be a part of. I miss him every day…. but even more on his birthday. Yes, he should be here!!!

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